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How Zelda Married Death

For centuries, Death has only known the Work, the reaping and administrating of souls. Their routine is disrupted when a mortal named Zelda categorically refuses to die and offers Death her hand instead.


With great befuddlement, Death accepts.


Husband and wife have little in common. Death is grim (ha!) and work-oriented, perplexed by the intricacies of relationships. Zelda is beautiful and can do no wrong. (She’s also quite good at hijacking blurbs.) As Death and Zelda navigate their unconventional marriage, the affection that develops between them results in a romance that is as tender as it is whimsical.

Coming this october
E-book available for pre-order now.
Paperback available on Launch Day.


A light fantasy short story featuring dragons, adventure and romance.

When a mysterious girl falls from the sky and lands on a dragon rider's mount, the two strangers must rely on each other despite their differences and the burgeoning political conflict between their homes.

First Published under the pen name: Audrey Rose B.


Beautiful Anomalies

Beautiful Anomalies is a re-imagining of the Pied Piper featured in New Tales from Old Yarn, an anthology of fairy tales and myths, rewritten and re-imagined by eleven writers. Never before published short stories and poems. Well known tales with new twists and exciting new tales and myths from all over the world to read and enjoy in a new light.

Short Story published under the pen name: Audrey Rose B.

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